FFL: Week 4 Recap

If only we all could "struggle" the way Indianapolis' offense has. In Week 4, the Colts finally faced a defense they could run up numbers on without playing a mistake-free game. But watching one series, I wondered if QB Peyton Manning and the boys might be in line for more subpar performances in the future because of, surprisingly, the play calling.

Some of Manning's brilliance (and that of the offense in general) is owed to savvy coordinator Tom Moore. Other teams are loaded with weapons but haven't produced similar results (Detroit and New Orleans come to mind) because they lack a flexible, creative ringleader who puts his players in good situations and trusts them to make good things happen. The Colts have been fortunate.

But I didn't like Indy's strategy against Tennessee at times Sunday. Plugging away early in the second quarter in what would become a 14 play-drive, the Colts wound up with first-and-10 and got 4 yards from RB Edgerrin James to leave them with second-and-6 at the Titans' 17. Here's where it gets weird. Tennessee brings in a nickel back and drops into a cover-2 look (both safeties deep) with two linebackers in the middle of the field. Hardly a shocker. Lately, Colts opponents have been flooding zones with cover people and forcing Manning to be patient and almost perfect with his passes.