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Alvin, New York: I'm getting a little concerned with the lack of production from Tony Gonzalez. He was one of my high draft picks along with Kevin Jones and Corey Dillon. Do you see Gonzalez's production picking up soon, or is the Chiefs' running game and Trent Green's decisions to look more at Eddie Kennison going to hurt him all season?

Engel: Gonzalez has also made his frustrations known, to the point where he has indicated that the Chiefs should consider trading him. So look for Kansas City to start making an effort after the bye to get him the ball more often. Last year, Gonzalez had just one TD in his first four games and he did not score in the first three weeks of 2003. That year, he didn't have a 100-yard game until Week 6. Gonzalez has started slow before, as has Trent Green. So you can look for both players to raise their production in the weeks ahead.