FFL Mailbag

Robert, Gainesville, Fla: Some issues regarding the Saints: I started the season with Aaron Brooks as a backup and Joe Horn. Despite Brooks' up-and-down performances, I'm comfortable with him as a second QB. But should I give up on Joe Horn now? Last week I added Antowain Smith, just as a gamble, and he really performed well. In a two-back league I already have Shaun Alexander, Tiki Barber and Thomas Jones, and DeShaun Foster as an emergency fill-in. Is Smith for real, and valuable as a fourth back? Or should I package him now with Horn as trade bait for a better receiver?

Engel: I'm sure you don't want to pin your fantasy fortunes too much on an inconsistent team like the Saints, and having four RBs who can all start makes you rich enough to easily deal from a strength. Smith should never play for you over the others, and it's a great time to trade him away, while he is coming off making a great first impression with the Saints. Smith is an adequate fantasy performer with a knack for playing well in the red zone. He could net you another decent WR in a trade right now. But don't give up Horn just because he is hurt. Besides, you won't get much for him right now because of his health status. Hold onto Horn and move Antowain Smith for a respectable WR like Rod Smith or Eddie Kennison if you need an upgrade at the second receiver spot. Keep Brooks as a backup, and you'll be glad you kept Horn when he comes back to play well again later in the year.