FFL: Week 7 Recap

Fantasy owners like to think of themselves as would-be Scott Piolis or even pigskin versions of Gordon Gekko. And in addition to the player-evaluation skills and pseudo-stock broker savvy we're certain we've acquired after a few years in the trenches, we know the first rule in the fantasy owner's handbook by heart: Buy low, sell high.

Thing is, it isn't always that cut and dry. Example: What would you have gotten for a buy-low investment in RB Ahman Green after Week 6 last season, following five TD-free games and four performances of 81 yards or less? More mediocrity. Green tore off a pair of two-TD games and a 145-yard gem, then scored one TD and had zero 100-yard games over the last seven weeks. This, apparently, is why our man Gekko professed that greed -- and not Green -- is good.

So I'm here to help you sift through the clutter and make informed decisions or educated guesses about some of the premier buy-low and sell-high candidates. It isn't as glamorous as a Manhattan penthouse or dating '80s uber-babe Darryl Hannah, but it beats landing in the joint for insider trading.