FFL Mailbag

Brian, Corvallis, Ore.: Right now I have a trade pending which has me sending Willis McGahee and Chris Cooley to another owner for Santana Moss. I just threw Cooley in to sweeten the deal, because I don't need him (L.J. Smith is my starting TE). I will be starting Tiki Barber and Fred Taylor the rest of the season, and they are backed up by Antowain Smith and Michael Pittman. My receiving corps includes Marvin Harrison, Joey Galloway, Jerry Porter, Keyshawn Johnson and Muhsin Muhammad. Consistency isn't a strong point with those guys and I wanted a true No. 1 WR, which is why I targeted for Moss. Do you think this move will leave my running game too iffy or would you give it the thumbs-up?

Engel: The trade certainly make sense, but you now weaken your No. 1 RB spot a bit, as McGahee should continue to score more often than Barber. Having Moss and either Harrison or Galloway as your top two every week, though, gives you a very strong receiving corps. If it takes McGahee to get Moss, go ahead and do it. But you might not be fully comfortable with Barber/Taylor the rest of the way. Once this deal is completed, consider moving Barber or Taylor and Johnson or Galloway for another upgrade at RB, if possible. It might take moving McGahee to get the ideal No. 1 fantasy receiver, but once you do, you'll be set there and can then turn around and effectively replace McGahee with another top back, or at least upgrade from Taylor at the second RB spot. Having Smith and Pittman also gives you the luxury of keeping Taylor if moving Barber is necessary to upgrade at RB in the wake of this trade.