FFL Mailbag

Pete, Ames, Iowa: I have Peyton Manning, Jake Delhomme and Ben Roethlisberger at QB. I want to move one of them to get RB depth. Who should it be? Also, who should I start in Week 9? Delhomme is playing a strong Tampa Bay defense, Manning is at New England, where his TD production has been low, and Roethlisberger, usually the lowest point-scorer of the three, has the most favorable matchup at Green Bay.

Engel: In the trade market, Manning has the most name appeal despite his decreased statistical production this season. He can bring you the most in return if you need to acquire a high-quality starting RB. If you're simply looking for depth or a good bench player, Roethlisberger is solid and should bring you a respectable backup. You should keep Delhomme, who might be the most underrated QB in fantasy football and can be a steady starter for you the rest of the way. If you still have all three this week, keep in mind the Steelers are still a run-based team, and Roethlisberger might not throw enough to outperform your other QBs, regardless of the matchup. Delhomme should still post decent numbers, but I would use Manning in what could be a statement game for the Colts against a Patriots team that has been vulnerable to the passing game all year long.