FFL: Week 9 Recap

Rather than bore you with yet another self-indulgent column lead-in, I'll give you a one-week break and just get to my not-so-random fantasy thoughts from Week 9 straight away:

Two players who need to do a lot more to convince me that Week 9 wasn't an aberration: QB Michael Vick and RB Michael Bennett. Against Miami, Vick looked fantastic as a passer for the first time in … well, I threw that year's calendar away, but let's just say it has been awhile. Bennett is a home run hitter who needs lots of swings, er, carries and a crease from his blockers. He won't get either of them often in Minnesota. Vick at least showed more patience in the pocket this week and has some favorable matchups ahead, but I don't trust him to provide in the second half what fantasy owners thought they were buying back in August.

It probably won't happen for him this year, but file away the name of San Francisco RB Frank Gore for future reference. He runs with a purpose, and his burst doesn't look like it belongs to a back who has had multiple knee injuries.