FFL Mailbag

Andrew, Kalamazoo, Mich.: Since I've lost Terrell Owens, I'm scrambling to shore up my already thin receiving corps. Do you think Tony Gonzalez and Chris Brown is a fair trade for Larry Fitzgerald? That would leave me with Heath Miller at TE and Willis McGahee, Tatum Bell and Willie Parker as my RBs in a 12-team league.

Engel: I don't think you need to give up both Gonzalez and Brown to get Fitzgerald. Even though Gonzalez hasn't quite been performing up to his past levels, he remains one of the best players at his position. A trade of Gonzalez straight up for Fitzgerald should be enough when you consider Gonzalez has been getting more looks recently and his production should be solid for the stretch run. If the other owner insists on another player, throw in Parker. You're better off with Brown, who gets more consistent touches, as a backup for McGahee and Bell. You can sell the other owner on the fact that Parker still has some big-play potential even if he shares some carries.