FFL '05: Holmes is out

The news that Priest Holmes will miss the rest of the season is a big deal not just for the Chiefs, but in fantasy football. Holmes was selected in ESPN average live drafts as the No. 3 player overall. It's difficult for any team to lose its top player and remain a top contender for a title. Holmes, who will forever be remembered in fantasy for his unbelievable 2003 season in which he scored 27 rushing touchdowns, was the top pick in 2004, and only dropped a few spots for this season.

But should we have seen this coming? A year ago Holmes' season was already over after eight weeks. We justified his greatness because he rushed for 14 touchdowns and 892 yards in those eight games. Now? Who knows when we'll see him again, if ever. If you're a Holmes owner, just like if you had Daunte Culpepper or Deuce McAllister, or in case you've been living in a cave this week, Terrell Owens, all you can do is find a replacement and do your best.