FFL: Week 10 Recap

Seems like every week in this space I prattle on about players whom you, my dear reader, should like, sign, own, keep, acquire or otherwise worship at the altar of the fantasy football gods.

Enough of that. Let's talk about some of the people who honk me off.

Bill Belichick, Patriots coach. Better known to fantasy footballers as public enemy No. 1. I have yet to see any empirical data on the subject, but Belichick has to be the cause of more irritation than hemorrhoids and Avril Lavigne albums combined. Hardly a week goes by that RB Corey Dillon isn't listed as questionable for the same malady (ostensibly a leg injury), yet he can be counted on to rush for 75 yards and a couple of TDs the moment you've ruled him out of your plans. Worse, Belichick's masochistic game of musical mediocre backs (Patrick Pass, Mike Cloud, Heath Evans) denies fantasy owners any go-to replacement. Until Dillon gets healthy, avoid all Pats runners.