FFL Mailbag

Robert, Gainesville, Fla.: I'm trying to make a waiver wire investment for the playoffs. Who is a better choice between Isaac Bruce and Robert Ferguson?

Engel: Bruce finally made his long-awaited return this past week after a five-game layoff, but he was limited to one catch. It might take him a few games to fully re-establish his on-field relationship with Marc Bulger. Ferguson remained inactive with a knee injury in Week 11, but should be back in time for the fantasy playoffs. When both are healthy, Ferguson might catch more TDs, but Bruce could produce better yardage numbers and is more established as an NFL starter. If you have to decide on just one, make it Bruce, as the Rams should continue to throw often and he could be part of a futile, yet frenzied playoff push for the Rams. Bruce can still be a very solid fantasy starter when he is healthy, and he is more proven than Ferguson as a fantasy player.

Anthony Caramucci, Richmond, Va.: I was one of many unfortunate Daunte Culpepper owners. But I am still 7-3 and playoff bound. I have four good RBs in Shaun Alexander, Rudi Johnson, Chris Brown and Samkon Gado. My quarterback is Steve McNair. Should I trade an RB for a QB? If so, who would you suggest trading?