FFL Mailbag

Joe, Chalfont, Pa.: With the Seahawks likely clinching a playoff spot and their division, is it likely that they'll rest Shaun Alexander the last weeks of the season, affecting my fantasy league playoffs? If so, should he be dealt now, a few days before the trade deadline?

Engel: The Seahawks are atop the NFC right now at 8-2, but five other teams in the conference have seven wins, so it's unlikely Seattle will wrap up a bye or home-field advantage in the playoffs soon enough to have a negative effect on your fantasy team. Seattle will not likely bench any starters until they have their postseason seeding fully decided, and that might not happen until the final week or two of the season. The Seahawks might have to battle right down to the last day for the honor of the No. 1 seed. Besides, trading away the player who can carry your team all the way to a fantasy title is a move that would actually hurt your team more than help it. You might not even get to the point where you have to worry about the final weeks of the season if you move Alexander. Don't move your best player, because he might be a force right until the end of the NFL regular season. Simply pick up his backup, Maurice Morris as insurance, and remember that these are not the Colts we're talking about.

Rick, Portland: What happened to Joey Galloway this past week? I just traded Marvin Harrison for him. I played him over Anquan Boldin, and was rewarded with zero points, and a loss.