FFL: Week 12 Recap

Playing cornerback in the NFL is a little like starring in a one-man Broadway show: Have an off day, and everyone knows it.

Just ask CBs Duane Starks (Patriots), Dexter McCleon (Chiefs) and Ahmad Carroll (Packers), two of whom already have been dumped as starters. And you can bet Green Bay will be eyeballing Virginia Tech CB Jimmy Williams in the first round as a potential replacement for Carroll next season.

And though the light can suddenly come on for a kid corner, a simple scheme tweak can plug a leak, and just a little time for players and coaches to get acquainted can solidify a secondary, the fact remains: If a DB consistently gets cooked, the team probably doesn't have a better alternative--or much hope of a drastic immediate turnaround. And there is no better way to combat an injury or tough matchup for a star receiver than exploiting these poor souls.