FFL Mailbag

Andy, Indianapolis: It's the first week of the playoffs and I have the best record in my league but am going up against the guy who scores the most points. Like every week, I'm trying to maximize my point potential. My dilemma this week is that I have Shaun Alexander and Larry Johnson at RB with Rudi Johnson on my bench. Usually this is a no-brainer and I just go with Alexander and [Larry] Johnson. This week, however, Rudi is going against a vulnerable rush defense in Cleveland (one he ran for 202 yards and two TDs against last season) while [Larry] plays a decent rush defense in Dallas. Do I still play [Larry] along with Alexander or go with the better matchup and play Rudi?

Engel: In the fantasy postseason, it's simply best to go with your top players and not overanalyze the situations. Outside of Alexander and LaDainian Tomlinson, Larry Johnson might be the best RB in fantasy football right now. So you can't bench Larry Johnson for anyone, even Rudi Johnson, who has been playing very well lately, also. Last week, Larry Johnson faced the third-best run defense in the NFL (Denver) yet still scored twice while rushing for 140 yards. Dallas allowed 127 rushing yards and a TD against the Giants. The Chiefs RB has rushed for more than 100 yards in five consecutive games and has eight total TDs during that span. There's no way you should even associate his name with the word "bench."