FFL Mailbag

John Scott, Nashau, N.H.: With the season over for Curtis Martin, I am searching for RB depth on my roster behind Larry Johnson, DeShaun Foster, Julius Jones and Stephen Davis. Please tell me if any of these waiver wire wonders could help me through my playoffs: Ryan Moats (I've got the No. 10 waiver position, and can't imagine Moats slipping to me), Chester Taylor, Jamal Lewis, Cedric Houston, or Maurice Morris. Or do I stand pat with my four RBs, and hold onto Kevin Curtis as my sixth WR?

Engel: Outside of Johnson, you don't have a reliable starter, and you certainly don't need an inconsistent sixth receiver. Foster is explosive, yet brittle, as he suffered a bruised shoulder in Week 14. You can't rely too heavily on Foster or Davis, and even if you get Moats, he might continue to share some carries with Lamar Gordon and Reno Mahe. Morris might not play too much even if the Seahawks clinch home-field advantage soon, as Shaun Alexander chases some personal goals in the final weeks. Taylor started over an injured Jamal Lewis this past week, and Houston is already starting in place of Martin. I would actually recommend dropping two receivers (or Curtis and a backup, tight end, kicker or defense) and getting Taylor and Houston for more important RB depth. If you can only afford to take one, get Houston, who can post decent numbers and has some good TD potential, as Taylor might continue to split a lot of work with Lewis when he is healthy again.