FFL: Lessons Learned

What is so appealing, so perfect, about fantasy football is the stark simplicity of the numbers that dictate the game. No bar stool arguments about who is the better quarterback -- Manning or Brady? -- and no quibbling over different eras. Schemes and systems and game plans ultimately don't mean much. You know football? You know fantasy? You're an expert? Who cares. Did you win? Did your team score more points than the other guy? Can't argue with that.

That's why I think season-ending awards columns for fantasy are a little goofy. Why designate a 2005 fantasy football MVP or compile an all-fantasy team? The numbers all are there in black and white. You don't need me to tell you the most influential players. Hopefully, I can shed some light on who the important players will be. That's why, instead of awards, I've cooked up a little '05 review that doubles as a look-ahead and a how-to manual for next season.