FFL Mailbag

Frank S., Pittsburgh: My league championship is on the line in Week 17. Pick two WRs and one flex player from Reggie Wayne, Isaac Bruce, Drew Bennett, Donald Driver, Edgerrin James, Dominic Rhodes, and Kevin Faulk.

Engel: With the Colts essentially having nothing to play for in Week 17, their starters will likely see limited playing time again, and the backups are risky plays because it isn't certain how effective they can be in part-time roles for one game. So you can immediately eliminate Wayne, James and Rhodes from the discussion. Faulk will continue to back up Corey Dillon and won't give you much numerical production. The Patriots are still challenging for the AFC's No. 3 seed, which could mean a second-round trip to Denver instead of Indianapolis, so Dillon will still play a major role in the New England offense. Bennett has been playing better recently, and Bruce has been posting respectable numbers. Those two should start along with Driver, who should perform well as Brett Favre goes to him often. Favre will try to close a very disappointing season in a positive manner at home against a Seahawks team that should rest a lot of regulars and is dealing with injury issues in the secondary.