FFL: The Top 200

As we look forward to the 2006 season, here's an early, complete listing of the Top 200 players for next year. Rookies will be added at a later date when we get closer to the NFL draft, and the list will also be revised in the future pending free agent moves.

In our first glance toward '06, it quickly becomes apparent that you should gain a clear advantage over your opponents if you end up with one of the top six draft picks as it stands now. You should get one of the surefire elite RBs or Peyton Manning. The outlook of Carson Palmer now becomes much more clouded after he suffered knee injuries in the NFL playoffs. A healthy Palmer is a top 10 fantasy player, but right now, his ranking drops because of the health concerns.

At the QB position, there is certainly an apparent drop-off after Tom Brady at No. 14. Other passers, such as Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Delhomme, can offer possible stability but aren't elite players at the position. Assuming Donovan McNabb makes a smooth return, though, he should regain his status as a top QB even without Terrell Owens.