FFL Mailbag

Jonathan, Patchogue, N.Y.: Should I trade Steve Smith for Carson Palmer? Smith would cost me a fifth-round pick while Palmer would cost me an eighth-rounder.

Engel: Right now, I would hold off on making any deals for Palmer, as the knee injury that ended his first NFL playoff game cloud his status for 2006. It remains to be seen whether or not the injuries will affect his availability for the opening of the 2006 season, and you should wait to see how his rehab progresses before considering dealing away someone of Smith's stature. There's no need to rush on this proposed trade, and you shouldn't dismiss it, but it's not wise to trade for an injured player so far in advance of the next year. Both of Palmer's past two seasons were ended by knee injuries, and he faces a lengthy rehab process, so wait and see how things go for him. If the other owner is willing to take a player of lesser value than Smith, then you can consider making the deal in the near future. In such a trade, you're taking a big risk, and the other owner is not faced with any question marks.

Matt, Washington, D.C.: I am in a 16-team, two-keeper league, so it is extremely important to make the most of my two keeper picks. Which two of the following players are the best choices: Carson Palmer, Antonio Gates and Carnell Williams?