FFL: Super Bowl memories

Looking back on my own 2005 fantasy football seasons, I can gladly say it was my most successful year ever. I often play in many leagues of various competitive levels, yet never have I come away with so many lasting memories. While nothing seemed to mean as much as my very first fantasy football championship in a highly competitive league, back in 1994, this season should go down as my favorite one so far.

I'm sharing this information with you all in the hopes that my successes can lead directly to yours. I want to spread the wealth, not just keep it all for myself. It's taken me some time to properly balance playing in so many leagues as I do, but I finally found the optimum approaches in '05. I love fantasy football enough to play in approximately 10 leagues per year, and this past season, I participated in 12 leagues.

In those leagues, I only endured losing seasons in three, and made the playoffs in seven, while losing a possible eighth playoff berth on a points tiebreaker. I made the final four in the postseason in six of my leagues, and ultimately, I played in four fantasy Super Bowls and won them all. Never had I won so many titles in one year.