FFL: Hits and misses

Now that the 2005 fantasy football season is behind us, it's fun to take a look back at the past season and see how some of our predictions worked out. Much of the preseason excitement when playing fantasy football is forecasting how certain players will fare during the upcoming year. So here's a review of how some of my own predictions panned out in '05. I give you the hits, as well as the misses.

HIT: I predicted that Shaun Alexander would be the No. 1 player in fantasy football in '05, based on his desire to win the rushing title that eluded him in 2004, and he also was seeking a new contract. Alexander led all scorers in ESPN leagues, with 353 points, 52 ahead of the more popular No. 1 overall pick, LaDainian Tomlinson. Will Alexander repeat such success in '06? If he returns to the Seahawks, who run the perfect offense to suit his skills, he'll be worth a top two overall selection again.

MISS: I expected a big rebound year for Jamal Lewis, who was coming off a disappointing 2004 season and was hoping to put off-field issues behind him. Instead, Lewis had the worst season of his career, rushing for just over 900 yards and three TDs. I had Lewis ranked eighth among RBs, but he finished 28th in ESPN leagues. Lewis has already reportedly sold his house in Baltimore, as he is a free agent, and could benefit by playing elsewhere in '06. He battled various injuries this past year, but he could still be a good No. 2 fantasy RB in the right setting next season.