FFL: Bring on the moves

The next fantasy football season is still several months away, but we already want to know who will be on the move, and where they might end up. You'll have to exercise some patience, as free agency doesn't open until early March. Some teams will look a lot different on offense in the summer than they do now. While we won't know the answers on where certain players might end up or how their fantasy values will be affected, let's have some fun by letting the speculation begin now. There hasn't been too many rumors of major importance yet, but we could guess where some players might land via free agency or trade. Keep in mind that many destinations mentioned for players below are mere conjecture, but would make a lot of sense.

Shaun Alexander: The Seahawks seem to be willing to work on a new deal, but will he demand too much? Alexander wants to stay in Seattle, but he might not get the long-term deal he wants. We might not find out until March, but it is unclear if Alexander will hit the open market. If he does, the Panthers, Jaguars and Cardinals are already rumored to be interested. Leaving Seattle could be a mistake for Alexander, as he is very comfortable in the offense and plays behind an outstanding line. If he goes elsewhere, I would be hesitant to put him in the class of Larry Johnson or LaDainian Tomlinson as a fantasy RB anymore.

Edgerrin James: It seems like he is destined to leave Indianapolis, and he could be the ideal replacement for Alexander in Seattle. Mike Holmgren could prefer James because of his receiving skills and better blocking than Alexander. James could be the clear-cut No. 3 RB in fantasy behind Johnson and Tomlinson in Seattle's offense. Minnesota could also show some serious interest, as could Carolina and Arizona. The best scenarios for James could be Seattle or Carolina, where he could easily slide into a balanced offense. If James were to replace Alexander in Seattle, I'd rank him ahead of Alexander.