FFL Mailbag

Matt, Springfield, Mass.: I'm in a 10-man dynasty league. I have to pick three keepers. I'm sticking with Donovan McNabb and Tiki Barber, but I'm trying to decide on the third. I've also got Torry Holt, Antonio Gates and Anquan Boldin. I've also got first pick in the draft.

Engel: While Gates gives you a clear advantage over the rest of the opposition at a thin position, having an elite wide receiver who annually produces outstanding numbers can be another key to contending for a championship. While Boldin has produced impressive numbers early in his career, no one gives you annual excellence like Holt does. No matter what seems to happen around him in St. Louis, he continues to provide fantasy owners with fine numbers. Holt is durable and annually excellent from a statistical perspective, and he is arguably the most dependable elite receiver in all of fantasy football. Make Holt your third keeper, and grab a second RB to pair with Barber with your first draft pick.