FFL Mailbag

Brian, St. Louis: I've noticed that you are very high on Chad Johnson, but do you see his keeper status dropping off with Cincinnati's uncertainty at the QB position?

Engel: The only uncertainty the Bengals face is whether Carson Palmer will be ready for the beginning of the season. Even if he misses some time early, he should recover to play at some point early in 2006, and the Bengals continue to search for a quality backup in the meantime. In a keeper league, I wouldn't worry too much about Palmer missing more than a few games, with little impact on Johnson's long-term value. In fact, recent reports indicate Palmer's rehab from knee surgery is going well and he might be able to play in the season opener. Just because the other possible starter at QB isn't on Palmer's level doesn't mean Johnson still can't play well from a statistical perspective. Johnson has produced good numbers with mediocre quarterbacks in the past, and if a reserve throws only one TD pass in a given week, Johnson has a very good chance to catch that one scoring pass. Even if a lesser passer throws for only 200 yards, Johnson could still have a 100-yard game. Erratic QB play doesn't always translate into disappointing wide receiver numbers. Johnson remains an elite keeper.

Jason Cooper, York, Pa.: I'm in a 10-team league. I'll be picking third in next year's draft. I need some advice on which player I should keep for next year. I can't decide between Rudi Johnson, Santana Moss, or Donovan McNabb.