FFL mailbag

Ron DeSousa, Taunton, Mass.: I'm in a 16-team league where we keep three players. I'm keeping Julius Jones, Domanick Davis, and Jason Witten. I have the first pick in the draft. Should I take a top wide receiver that will be available, like Torry Holt or Chad Johnson? Or is it worth picking someone like Reggie Bush?

Engel: Considering the Texans might draft Bush, Davis is not an ideal keeper. At best, he could hope to split carries with Bush if they both end up on the same team. I would consider tossing Davis back into the player pool to gain another draft choice. Then you can take Bush or another top-level running back with your first pick. Jones is certainly not a proven back yet, so you should fill out your top two RB spots first. Jones can certainly be your second starter at RB, but you should draft a surefire No. 1 RB with your first choice. Then you can grab the best wide receiver available with your second pick, although Johnson and Holt will likely be gone. So be sure to have a cheat sheet handy of your top-ranked receivers, so you can simply pick the best one off the board with your second selection.

Nathan Kremer, Bloomington, Minn.: I'm in a 12-team, one keeper league. My choices are Tom Brady, Brian Westbrook, Deuce McAllister, and Tatum Bell.