FFL mailbag: April 28

Matt, Fox Lake, Ill.: I am in a 10-team league with a two-keeper maximum. You lose the round in which the player was drafted in the past. Of the following, which two would you keep?: Peyton Manning (first round), Ronnie Brown (10th), Carnell Williams (sixth) or Tiki Barber (third)?

Engel: Manning should be your first keeper. He is worth the first-rounder you sacrifice because he annually delivers outstanding fantasy numbers at a position where stability isn't easy to come by. Manning is durable and no quarterback in fantasy football is more dependable when it comes to providing you with high-level production every season. While "Cadillac" is certainly a top keeper if he is healthy, and Barber should give fantasy players another fine year or two (his age is an overrated factor when you consider he hasn't always been a full-time featured back), Brown is the best choice when you are only sacrificing a 10th-rounder. He now becomes a highly valued fantasy RB with Ricky Williams suspended, and could rush for 1,300-plus yards and at least eight touchdowns in an expanded role this season. Playing with Daunte Culpepper could give him a chance to flash the receiving skills that went mostly untapped in his first pro season. Manning and Brown should be your keepers.

Bill, New York, N.Y.: My league allows three keepers, with each player counting as the draft pick in the round they were originally picked. I have Chad Johnson, who was drafted in the second round, and Joey Galloway, who was picked in the 13th round. This year, I will have the first pick in the second round. I am wondering if I should keep Galloway over Johnson given the round and hope maybe I can retain Johnson with the first pick in the second round. My other two keepers will be LaDainian Tomlinson and Larry Johnson, drafted in the first and sixth rounds,