FFL mailbag: May 12

Mark, Bowling Green, Ky: In a 10-team league, I am keeping Carson Palmer, Domanick Davis, and Chris Chambers. I have a trade offer that would give me Tiki Barber in exchange for my first and third-round picks. I think I would benefit from this. I will have a solid starting backfield, and all I will have to suffer is small downgrades at lesser-valued positions (WR, TE) Do I accept the offer?

Engel: Of course, Barber is a superb acquisition, and would give you a great pair of RBs. I always say that age is an overrated factor when it comes to Barber, because he hasn't been a full-time featured back throughout his whole career. But in a keeper league, you should have an opportunity to get another outstanding RB with your first pick, even if that player isn't quite on Barber's level now. Giving up a third rounder as well also will rob you of another possible top-level player. By giving up the first rounder, you could be losing a shot at another very good RB. And drafting a top TE with the third pick can give you an advantage over the opposition at a weak position. That pick can also be used an insurance for Davis, who has been known to get nicked up. I would pass on the deal. Parting with a first-round keeper pick for anyone other than Larry Johnson, Shaun Alexander or LaDainian Tomlinson is not something I would do.

Brian, Philadelphia: No love for Deuce McAllister? In your one-man mock draft, you don't have McAllister going in the first six rounds. Does this mean that with the arrival of Reggie Bush, McAllister is basically worthless? Does New Orleans try to trade him?