FFL mailbag: May 26

Jonathan, Chapel Hill, N.C.: What are your thoughts on the Denver running game without Gary Kubiak as offensive coordinator? Is Cedric Cobbs on your radar?

Engel: It certainly will be unusual for Mike Shanahan to be without Kubiak for the first time as Denver's head coach, but new offensive coordinator Rick Dennison is very familiar with the system, as he has been working with the team since 1995. Most recently, Dennison was the Broncos' offensive line coach, so the transition might not be a major one. The Broncos still have Shanahan and an experienced member of the coaching staff to oversee the running game, so I don't see the coaching change as a major challenge. It is apparent, though, that Tatum Bell still is not viewed as a full-time feature back, and he will likely share carries with Ron Dayne. Bell should be an excellent flex player, but might not be dependable as a regular fantasy starter. Bell should have a few big games, but he will be statistically inconsistent like he was in 2005. Dayne could have his best season ever in Denver's system, and he is a good backup running back to select on draft day for pure TD potential. Dayne has never been a success, so it's only natural to think Cobbs could get a shot to play if Dayne fails again. There is a buzz in Denver's camp about Cobbs, but we heard the same talk in New England the past two years, and Cobbs never amounted to anything. Until proven otherwise, Cobbs provides the usual preseason fluff that comes out of the offseason and minicamps, when there isn't much else to talk about. I see him as a longshot to make any fantasy impact.

Allyn, Portland, Ore.: What is wrong with Philip Rivers? You have him rated below Jon Kitna, Brad Johnson and Charlie Frye in your Top 200. Granted, he's been sitting for two seasons, but he was learning the offense behind an All-Pro, Drew Brees. The offense he's been left with isn't all that bad, is it? What is going to prevent him from posting good fantasy numbers?