FFL mailbag: June 16

Drew, Ventura, Calif.: Here's hoping Ben Roethlisberger doesn't miss any time and he recovers well. I have a dynasty team with Roethlisberger on it. Should I worry? I just can't stop thinking this situation can't be good for his fantasy football value.

Engel: In keeper and dynasty leagues, there seems to be little reason to be concerned about Roethlisberger's long-term status. There were, fortunately, no reported brain injuries and no major damage to his knees. While he will be on a diet of soft foods for possibly six to eight weeks, his estimated recovery period, Roethlisberger's broken jaw was not wired shut and there should be less concerns about him dropping a lot of weight before the season starts. While the Steelers have not set an official timetable for his return, early indications are that he has a very good chance of being ready for the season opener against Miami. The worst-case scenario appears to be that Roethlisberger conceivably could be rusty or not fully ready for the first game, and there have been no reports of such concerns yet. Owners in yearly leagues should expect to have him available for most, if not all of the season, and fantasy leaguers in keeper and dynasty formats have no apparent reason for major concerns right now. Players who visited Roethlisberger in the hospital were reportedly optimistic about his chances to play soon with no ill effects, and other reports have indicated he should be able to participate in training camp at some point even if he misses the exhibition opener. For now, there is no reason to be worried in any fantasy format. And on a personal note, I'll be happy to see him on the field again and I'm glad the early reports have been positive.