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Eric Hinske of the Toronto Blue Jays is becoming well-known for his versatility. He has filled in admirably when needed in the outfield and infield this season, and has been a valuable performer on a team that is still in the thick of the American League wild-card hunt. Hinske has logged playing time in right field and both corner infield spots. The Jays can lean heavily on Hinske for needed depth, and he has responded with a .280 average and 12 homers through Monday's action.

Hinske is ready at any time to fill in for injured standout Alex Rios, as he has done recently, or play third or first base. So it's no surprise that Hinske juggles more than one team in one of his favorite hobbies: fantasy football. Not only does he play in the Blue Jays' in-house fantasy football league, he also participates in a league with personal friends and competes in an online salary cap challenge.

"I've been playing since my rookie season in 2002, and I've been hooked on fantasy football from the start," Hinske said. "It consumes my Sundays, and now I get to watch the games in a different way than ever before."