Will Carroll's Chat Wrap

Will Carroll: (3:03 PM ET ) Hi all -- are you ready for some football? Whether it's finally Monday Night Football on ESPN or last night's kickoff in Pittsburgh, its always more fun when there's games. I hope everyone watched "The Fantasy Show" last night on ESPN2 and has their ESPN Mobile handy for this Sunday's "Sunday Morning Med Check" where I'll make sure you have the latest injury info.
For the next hour, let's talk YOUR team. Ding.

Sue (Indianapolis): Please help a girl in an all male league. Should I drop players like Jurevicius or Wilford to pick up either Mark Clayton, Jennings, K. Curtis, Booker, or Gabriel off waivers? Also, I have J. Stevens on my roster. What TE?s should I be able to find on the waivers to replace him?

Will Carroll: (3:05 PM ET ) And you're in Indy to boot. I do like Jennings and Gabriel over Jurevicius, but it's early to drop willy-nilly. There's no BIG upgrade in that bunch.
At TE, Fletcher from Indy could get more looks with Dallas Clark dinged up and I like Schleffler in Denver.