Will Carroll's Chat Wrap

Will Carroll: (3:03 PM ET ) Alright - more injury talk? The Fantasy Show isn't enough for you? Me either, but thanks for watching (and for scheduling me BEFORE the playoff games today - that's right, I am a baseball guy.) Ground rules as always: injury questions only, grammar and spelling count, repeating yourself is a good way not to get answered, and if you're going to suck up, be creative. I've got a full pot of Peet's coffee at the ready so let's get to it:

David: Long Beach, CA: Whats the deal with Culp? Is he really hurt or is there something they see with Harrington that can make the offense better?

Will Carroll: (3:04 PM ET ) Culp? You're tight enough with Daunte Culpepper to call him Culp? Do you play Madden with him too, because he's been better in the game than on the field. Culpepper has something going on with his shoulder. Jaws looked at him a couple weeks ago and the show and didn't notice any mechanical flaws. This is one to watch closely, though I think "Culp" will play.