FFL Chat: Oct. 10

Eric Karabell: (11:01 AM ET ) Hello all and welcome to another fantasy football chat session. Lots to talk about today as Week 5 finally ends. So, any questions?

Drew (Tampa, FL): Is it time to cut ties with M. Bell? He didnt even get a touch last night, they used Cecil Sapp more than him! Also is JP Losman capable of a decent game this weekend? My other options with P. Manning on bye is Harrington, Walter, Young or Gradkowski.Thanks!

Eric Karabell: (11:03 AM ET ) Yeah, it sure looks like Mike Bell is no longer a factor in Denver, and Tatum Bell is in control. And look at Denver's schedule coming up, Tatum is going to enjoy himself. As for Losman, against the right defense he can help a fantasy team. He's a better option than Joey and the rookies you mention.