Will Carroll's Chat Wrap

Will Carroll: (3:05 PM ET ) Hi guys --- wanna feel dumb? Log in to the wrong chat room when it's YOUR chat! On that note, let's get to it - lots of questions waiting for me.

Chris (Orlando, FL): With Fitz out, do you still start Boldin? I have to pick 2 between Boldin, Cotchery and Galloway. Thanks!

Will Carroll: (3:07 PM ET ) Interesting question. I discussed this with a lot of people this week -- in theory, a #2 should get more balls with the #1 out, but Boldin's more of a #1a so that's out -- the #3 and even #4 will get those touches. Does matching up with the best CB hurt? Not really because CBs tend to match up with sides, not players -- something like 60% of the time. I think Boldin's more likely to get TDs, not catches.