Will Carroll's Chat Wrap

Will Carroll: (3:00 PM ET ) Ok, got my cup of Peet's special Jamaican Blue Mountain. I've got my column turned in. And I'm ready for all the questions.

What I do want to start by saying is thanks to all the people that watch "The Fantasy Show." It's been an experience I wouldn't trade. The people on the show have been phenomenal, both in front of and behind the camera. If I can make a bit of an Academy speech, I really want to thank Geoff Reiss, Jamie Horowitz, and Chantre Camack, the producers who believed in me from day one.
Ok - on to the chat:

Bobby(Austin): Hook em!!! 3 of my 4 WR's have that ugly Q next to their names. Who is looking the best for this week, Horn, S.Moss, Plex? Is M. Jones going to outperform any of these injured guys??