Will Carroll's Chat Wrap

Will Carroll: Greetings all. If you were here, you'd be listening to The Mars Volta, I'd share a cup of Blue Mountain coffee with you, and I'd try and figure out how you got in my house. There's a ton of questions already in queue, including several on one topic that I can't address just yet, so forgive me skipping those. We've got an hour, so let's use it to talk some injuries.

David (Morgantown, WV.): Go Mountaineers!!! Whats the deal with S. Alexander this week? Should I play him or stick with Jamal Lewis and the A-Train. Thanks.

Will Carroll: Lots of Alexander questions. I answer much of them in today's column, but let's recap -- he's likely to play, but we're not sure how much or how well. I don't like that risk and would go with other better options if I had them.