FFL Chat: Nov. 21

Eric Karabell: (11:01 AM ET ) Hello all and welcome to another fantasy football chat session. Lots to talk about today in this short Thanksgiving week, so let's go...any questions?

Kevin (Louisville): With McNabb out, my choices are Vick, Garrard and Campbell. Matchups? Or roll with Vick and hope his WRs catch the ball?

Eric Karabell: (11:03 AM ET ) First of all, obviously no McNabb owners or fans can be pleased by what happened Sunday, but the proper attitude is to find a replacement and move on. Eagles fans, like me, can curse Andy Reid instead. Vick or Garrard? I think it's close between them and I'd go matchups. Really. This week that means Vick, because the Saints have been brutal defensively.