Will Carroll's Chat Wrap

Will Carroll: (3:02 PM ET ) For no apparent reason, I can't get Iron Maiden's "Two Minutes to Midnight" out of my head. Maybe its the countdown to the fantasy playoffs. Maybe it's the cold front playing havoc with my brain. Maybe I justs spent too much time listening to bad metal as a teenager. But you don't care. You want the fantasy football injury scoop. So let's get to it.

Ground rules:
Injury questions ONLY.
I won't be fooled by flattery. Much.
Don't repeat your question a million times unless you want to be ignored or even mocked.

Kira (San Francisco): Hey Will! It's a do or die game for me this weekend. Unfortunately my RB situation is in shambles! (Ronnie Brown, Lamont Jordan, Deshaun Foster). Do I play Sammy Morris or Deshaun? Thanks so much