FFL Chat: Dec. 5

Eric Karabell: (11:01 AM ET ) Hello all and welcome to another fantasy football chat session. It's fantasy playoff time, so I'm thinking there are lots of questions... let's go!

Gene (New Haven): Jeff Garcia or Jay Cutler as a backup the rest of the year (I have no intention of keeping Cutler next year)

Eric Karabell: (11:04 AM ET ) I wanted to pick a Garcia question, because NOW he's going to be popular after that game. All it takes is one game, amazing. NOW Garcia's good, NOW the Eagles are a wild card team. Because of one game. A week ago everyone loved Cutler, even though he hadn't played at all. NOW there are concerns. Anyway, Garcia is probably a safer option than Cutler the final 4 weeks, but lacks the upside. Cutler should be good at some point.