FFL: Chat Wrap

Tristan H. Cockcroft: (10:59 AM ET ) Good morning everyone! Let's get right to those fantasy football questions with such important weeks finally here...

Murph (Prospect CT): Last week I didn't listen to your advice and played Santonio Holmes instead of Stallworth. Big Mistake, and cost me a win. This week I PROMISE I'll listen. Henry, Holmes, or Matt Jones as my 3rd WR this week???

Tristan H. Cockcroft: (11:03 AM ET ) Sorry to hear that, Murph, though frankly, I wouldn't beat yourself up over it since Donte' Stallworth himself was a bit risky since we had no way of knowing Jeff Garcia would suddenly explode in the deep passing game. It was a little surprising, but encouraging, and yes, Donte' owners, this means I say start him for that great Week 14 matchup! As for your question, I'm ruling out Chris Henry here. Hate the matchup. Close race between Santonio Holmes and Matt Jones, and I'm thinking you go Jones and ride the hot streak. It's not a bad matchup for him, especially since he has all the tools to be a weekly No. 3 when he's healthy, and he looks healthy right now. I'd say he has a pretty decent finish.