FFL: Winning the Championship

When you're in a fantasy Super Bowl, there is no real-life hoopla. There are no big parties with celebrities, no buildup on national television, and millions of people aren't watching. But in your own personal world, there might as well be hundreds of microphones in your face with lots of cameras rolling. Once you make it to the big game, the pressure you can feel might be more intense than anything you've ever experienced in fantasy sports, especially if this is your first time. It hasn't been easy getting to this point, but now all the work you did to get this far could seem like a major letdown if you don't win just one more game. You certainly don't want to end your great season with a loss, because you don't know for sure when you'll be in this position again.

So here are some quick tips on preparing for your big game. You might feel more pressure to win than ever before, but if you follow these guidelines, you will have to done your best to ensure a victory.

Don't overthink: Now there seems to be an increased emphasis on every single lineup move. But overanalyzing every decision is not going to guarantee success. By this point, you know who your best players are, and you should stick with them. Use the guys that brought you this far, and in instances where players are close in value, use matchups or recent trends to make informed decisions. Set your lineup early in the week, become comfortable with it, and don't change it unless injuries become an issue.