FFL: Carroll Chat Wrap

Will Carroll: Greetings all - thanks for having me in today. Lots of questions in queue, so I'll do my best to answer all of them, even the non-injury ones. Heck, I'll even answer some baseball questions if you're in that kind of mood. With six, maybe seven coaching openings and keeper deadlines upon us, there's plenty to talk about so let's get to it.

Kurt (Shepherd, MI: Should I play Payton Manning or Hassleback fot wild card weekend.

Will Carroll: This one's a tossup. While Manning is as close to a sure thing in the NFL, he's not such a sure thing this week. He's going to have to rely on his run defense to get him the ball, something they'll have a tough time doing against one of the best runners in the league. Hasselbeck, on the other hand, is likely to be playing from behind due to the injuries on the Seahawks defense and may need to throw more. So you're betting on desperation here. You really can't go wrong either way.