Celebrity Lounge: Guy Torry

Actor/comedian Guy Torry is a man who likes to keep very busy. Not only is he playing a major role in the upcoming feature film "Funny Money," he is also now on a national tour, and is constantly involved in other projects as a producer and writer. Torry enjoys being involved in many endeavors at once. So it's only natural that the longtime pro football enthusiast plays in three fantasy football leagues.

"I've been playing for three years now, and it's so addictive, that I've gotten a lot of my friends involved," Torry said. A St. Louis native and lifelong Rams fan, Torry began playing in an NFL Network celebrity league three years ago, but has since joined a league with personal friends and started his own league that consists of other up-and-coming comedians. "This past year I started the 'Guy Torry Joker's League' with a lot of people who were playing fantasy football for the first time. By the third week of the season, most of them were hooked."

It was Torry's first chance to be a league commissioner after two seasons of being only a player in two other leagues. "I really liked the opportunities to set the rules, run the draft, and play the peacemaker when required," he said. "I like being in charge and calling the shots." Torry said he is hoping to gain sponsorship for the league for 2007, with the proceeds going to charity.