Engel: Playoff Truths and Lies

The NFL playoffs always teach us a lot about what to expect for the next fantasy football season. With the level of play at its highest, we often find out who is ready to respond and who wilts under pressure. We also get a look at what to expect for the future, as some players deliver very notable performances that shape their outlooks for next year. Of course, not everything we see in the playoffs will hold true over a full season, either. So here is a look at what we have seen to this point during the NFL playoffs, and how it pertains to your fantasy strategies for the 2007 season.


What's for certain: You can't depend on Rex Grossman as a fantasy quarterback. He is too streaky and unreliable, and Chicago advanced to the Super Bowl in spite of his erratic play because of a strong running game and timely defensive plays. Bernard Berrian cemented his newfound reputation as a big play man.