Engel: Keeper Guide and Tips

If you are in a keeper league, the fun of managing a fantasy football team is a year-round pleasure. But it is also a challenge that seems to take on added significance after the Super Bowl ends. That's when the NFL offseason truly begins, and pro teams begin looking towards 2007 as well. While you are figuring out which keepers to declare, the brain trust in every NFL front office is huddling to revamp and rework its look for next year.

Determining who you should keep is rarely an easy decision, no matter how many players your league allows you to retain. There is a considerable amount of factors to consider before you finally declare your keepers for 2007. So here is a guide to readying your roster for '07. It's my top keeper tips to maintain your roster during the offseason. These are bits of advice to help you get through the offseason en route to eventually deciding on your ultimate keepers for next year.

Don't rush to make decisions: Many owners are eager to start working on their roster as soon as possible, and seem to be in a rush to declare their keepers as soon as possible. Don't be one of those guys/gals. Patience is an asset and time is your friend. Wait until the last possible day to declare your keepers, so you can make the most informed and safest decisions possible. Player movement can affect your decisions in major ways, so give the NFL offseason time to play itself out before you make a firm decision on who you should retain.