Engel: Free Agency Fantasy Preview

Now that the Super Bowl is behind us, football purists and year-round fantasy enthusiasts are looking toward the 2007 season. Free agency does not officially begin until March 2, but there already are many questions about where certain players are headed and how they might fare elsewhere. Here's an early look at some of the top offensive free agents to hit the market this season, and what their outlooks might be. Keep in mind this is all speculative, and information and rumors on these players will change constantly in the weeks ahead. Only definite free agents for now are included.

Running Backs

Michael Turner: He's the most interesting and promising name you will see on this list. Turner is a restricted free agent and the Chargers could make a strong push to keep him as a backup. But there have been rumblings all season long that Turner will likely look to land a starting job elsewhere and fantasy leaguers are very curious to see if he can build on the promise he has shown as a part-timer and injury replacement in the past. The Giants and Jets already have been rumored to be interested in Turner. Several teams could be willing to surrender a draft choice for him and he could become a fine No. 2 fantasy RB if he gets the opportunity to start somewhere.