Engel: AFC North Offseason Fantasy Outlook

We continue our team-by-team offseason fantasy outlooks in the AFC North. We'll examine every squad from the offensive side of the ball as we begin to prepare for the 2007 season.


Quarterback: Steve McNair wasn't outstanding overall in 2006 and while he certainly is better than the other options the Ravens have had in recent seasons, that isn't saying too much. McNair can still post occasionally good numbers, but he certainly isn't a fantasy starter and he should only be used as an injury replacement or bye week fill-in. McNair doesn't have great weapons and his receivers aren't going to turn too many of his throws into big plays. He managed to play 16 games last season and McNair certainly is very tough and can play through pain. But at age 34, the big hits over the years could start to take a real tool on him at any time and he's always a risk to start declining even more.