Engel: Offseason Notebook Mar. 7

Each week during the NFL Offseason, we'll tackle some of the latest news, rumors and trends from a fantasy perspective.

Major running back signings have dominated the news recently from the fantasy angle, but there have been other signings and moves that certainly deserve some attention. One such signing that has flown beneath the radar in many fantasy circles was New England's signing of Wes Welker, an addition that could turn out to have some real impact in the New England passing game.

The Patriots seized the headlines recently with their signing of LB Adalius Thomas, a move that further upgrades an already above-average fantasy unit. The rumor mill has been hot with reports that the Pats are interested in Randy Moss, but the possibility of that happening seems more remote now that the team used a second-round pick in the Welker deal. Published reports have indicated that the Patriots are not expected to offer a first-rounder for Moss, and the Raiders would likely not accept a third-round pick. Welker is certainly no Moss, but he could be a sleeper candidate with his new team. It's no secret the Pats are hurting for receiving talent, and Welker could be a nice fit for them.