Engel: AFC West Offseason Fantasy Outlook

We conclude our team-by-team offseason fantasy outlooks in the AFC West. We'll examine every squad in the division from the offensive side of the ball as we begin to prepare for the 2007 season.


Quarterback: Jake Plummer is gone, and Jay Cutler is now the quarterback of the present and the future. Cutler was a quick study when he took over for Plummer last year, and he was looking like a steady fantasy player by season's end. Cutler will continue to learn on the job, and should perform adequately from the statistical perspective. The Broncos have surrounded him with quality talent and won't put unnecessary pressure on him. Cutler can simply benefit from a strong running game, good blocking and dependable receivers. Cutler should be drafted as a possibly reliable starting option with some occasional upside in the ninth or 10th round of yearly fantasy drafts.