Engel: Top 40 QBs

Considering the recent rush of player moves and the rumors of more on the way, now is a good time to revisit my quarterback rankings for the upcoming season. While more revisions are sure to come, here are my current rankings based on standard ESPN scoring in yearly leagues.

1. Peyton Manning: He is unmatched for annually excellent fantasy production and durability. Simply the safest and best pick at the position. No one else has been able to do it like he does year after year.
2. Carson Palmer: Erased any major questions about his health last season, and reclaimed his place among the elite players at his position.
3. Drew Brees: The shoulder was not an issue, and he has a terrific supporting cast. He's very comfortable as the clear leader of one of the league's best offenses.
4. Tom Brady: His receiving corps was rebuilt through free agency and should mean more consistent production. He'll likely throw a few more touchdown passes in 2007.
5. Marc Bulger: The additions of Drew Bennett and Randy McMichael should make him more dependable and could lead to more opportunities for touchdown passes in the red zone.
6. Donovan McNabb: All reports are positive so far on his recovery from knee surgery. A healthy McNabb can be an elite passer again, but durability has become an increasing concern and we won't know anything for sure until he takes the field again.
7. Vince Young: He doesn't have much to work with at receiver, but Young does a good job of taking what a defense gives him and he's already a serious dual threat as a runner and passer.
8. Matt Hasselbeck: He has a fine crew of receivers and should rebound nicely in 2007 as a healthy Shaun Alexander will certainly help.
9. Michael Vick: He can sometimes be outstanding and you can't ignore the overall production from last year. But consistency will still be an issue in 2007.
10. Tony Romo: Should settle in nicely in his first full season as a starter, as long as his protection doesn't break down too often. How Leonard Davis fits in could be a key.
11. Eli Manning: Watch him learn from his mistakes and start developing into an eventual star. Manning will come through more regularly in a pivotal season for him.
12. Jay Cutler: The addition of Travis Henry stabilizes the running game and adds more balance to the offense. Cutler will manage games well and produce pretty good fantasy numbers.
13. Matt Leinart: Look for an increased emphasis on the ground game in Arizona, meaning Leinart will find himself in fewer adverse passing situations and he should make fewer mistakes.
14. Philip Rivers: The Chargers are still primarily a running team, but Rivers can come through with some pretty good statistical outings when the matchup is right.
15. Brett Favre: Assuming he gets a quality replacement for Ahman Green at running back, he'll enjoy more support from the run game and should have to force things less often.
16. Ben Roethlisberger: He could outplay a few guys ranked ahead of him right now. Roethlisberger will return to his past form if he stays healthy and can still be a solid fantasy starter.
17. Jake Delhomme: He could be undervalued here. If he steers clear of injuries and Steve Smith does the same, he could become a quality fantasy starter again.
18. Jeff Garcia: He should win the starting job and, once he does, he'll move up at least a few slots, especially if Tampa Bay drafts Calvin Johnson.
19. Jason Campbell: He was pretty solid when he took over as a starter last season, but we still have to wait and see how he can fare over a full campaign.
20. Jon Kitna: He certainly can have some impressive outings, but he's just too erratic to be a regular fantasy starter.
21. Chad Pennington: Running game should help more with the addition of Thomas Jones, and he could throw a few more touchdown passes in a more balanced attack.
22. J.P. Losman: I'm not quite a believer yet. He has one good wide receiver, and the outlook of the running game is uncertain. That doesn't help.
23. Rex Grossman: He's just too streaky and erratic. Draft him and I promise you he will drive you crazy.
24. Damon Huard: Once he earns the starting job after Trent Green is moved and Brodie Croyle fails to beat him out, he's going to move up in my rankings.
25. Trent Green: Where he lands will of course determine his value, but he can still be an adequate fantasy option. He'll likely move up a few slots after his situation is resolved.
26. Matt Schaub: We've all heard about his great potential, but he comes into a challenging situation without any extensive regular-season experience and still has a lot to learn.
27. Steve McNair: The Ravens will center their offense around Willis McGahee, and the receiving crew is still shaky overall.
28. Byron Leftwich: He has a lot to prove and is going to have to battle hard to keep the starting job. Fantasy leaguers are growing tired of waiting for the breakout year that may never come.
29. Alex Smith: He can certainly be a good fantasy backup from a pure ability perspective, but he is seriously lacking any playmakers at wide receiver, and Frank Gore will be the crux of the offense.
30. Tarvaris Jackson: He certainly has some upside, but he's very raw and may go undrafted in some leagues.
31. Charlie Frye
32. Derek Anderson
33. Daunte Culpepper
34. Brodie Croyle
35. Chris Simms
36. David Garrard
37. David Carr
38. Cleo Lemon
39. Andrew Walter
40. Brooks Bollinger